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Fish Safe NS has a base membership of companies in the fish harvesting, fish processing, aquaculture, and services incidental to fishing sectors. These sectors each have assigned SIC codes which relates to their Workers Compensation accounts. Members in SIC’s 311, 312, 321 and 1021 are annually invoiced a membership levy which depends on the dollar amount of WCB premiums paid in the previous year. Members in the above SIC codes will be referred to as a Regular Member, and have full access to all offerings, discounts and resources made available by Fish Safe NS. Discounts for Regular Members are greater than discounts for Associate Members.

Fish Safe NS recognizes that outside organizations with a vested interest in the seafood industry have expressed interest in joining our organization for various reasons (general association, good PR, wanting to be apart of a group working for positive change, etc.). With that, Fish Safe NS has developed the following criteria which will allow for organizations and individuals to become Associate Members. Associate Members do not fall within the above SIC codes, or do not have WCB coverage making Associate Members ineligible to be Regular Members.

Associate Member Fee Structure

*Associate Member Fee’s are paid annually. Payment is due when you enroll as an Associate Member and is renewable January 1st of each following year. Cash, cheque, credit, or direct funds transfer accepted. (Revised January 10, 2024)

Associate Members will be entitled to the following benefits & discounts:

  • $100 rebate for life raft inspection (one per member)

  • $50 rebate for immersion suit purchase or inspection (up to 2 per member)

  • $35 rebate for CSA approved PFD purchase (up to 2 per member)

  • $50 discount on Marine Advanced First Aid

  • $40 discount on Marine Basic First Aid

  • $30 discount on Mental Health for the Workplace

  • $25 discount on Forklift Operator Certificate

  • $20 discount on all other Fish Safe NS approved training courses

  • At-cost Occupational Health & Safety Consultation(s)

  • At-cost Hazard Assessment, OHS Needs Assessment, OHS Policy Assistance

  • Free fishing, processing, and aquaculture safety resources

  • Use of Fish Safe NS Associate Member logo on company websites and promotional pieces to indicate your Associate Member status.

  • Open invitation to attend Fish Safe NS events which includes meetings, Annual General Meeting, safety socials, and wharf side safety demos.

 For any questions please reach out to our office. We would be pleased to discuss in detail the advantages of you and your company becoming an Associate Member of Fish Safe NS. 902-471-3534



Associate Member's & our By-Laws

Associate Members must read and agree to our bylaws, including the following to ensure valid

  • “Associate Member” means an associate member in good standing who does not belong to SIC
    311, 312, 321 and 1021 that wishes to pay in full an annual associate member fee to subscribe
    to the Society.

  • Associate Membership in the Society shall consist of:

    • a) those who subscribe to an annual associate membership and have paid in full to the Society the associate membership fee;

  • Associate Members will have no voting privileges and cannot hold any office within the Society.
    - Rights and Responsibilities listed in the bylaws do not apply to Associate Members.

  • Associate members do not count towards a quorum.

  • Associate Members are not eligible to be elected a director of the Society.

  • The Society shall not make loans, guarantee loans or advance funds to any director or officer, Member or Associate Member.


Associate Member Application Form

*All Associate Member applications must be screened by the Executive Director. Sending in an application does not result in automatic Associate Member status.

Thanks for submitting!

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