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Executive Director
Dylan Buchanan

Having grown up in a small fishing community I know the importance of the Fishing Industry in Nova Scotia and what safety means for those working in it.  I have worked in both Fish Processing and Aquaculture, giving me an understanding of those industries, and I appreciate the chance to collaborate with members of both groups on important safety topics for their organizations and employees.

For the last 20 years, I worked with a third-party supplier for the At-Sea Fisheries Observer Program where I gained extensive knowledge in most Atlantic Canadian Fisheries.  Although there are similarities, the diversity of each fishery brings its own safety challenges. Safety is always a continuous pursuit and in my two decades of experience, our fishing industry is on the right track.

As Executive Director for Fish Safe NS, I look forward to working with industry members to inspire a strong safety culture through ‘collaboration, education, and promotion.’ 


Office Administrator &
Training Coordinator
Nicole Schnare

Oh, hey there! My name is Nicole Schnare, and I am the new Administration & Training Coordinator here at Fish Safe NS. My father is a fisherman, and although I grew up in Williamswood, Nova Scotia,  I could always be found on the boat or wharf in Sambro, helping my dad with anything I could. I have completed my Marine Basic First Aid, MED DVS, and will be starting my certification in OH&S in the Fall. In my free time, I can be found near the ocean, hiking, bicycling, or riding my motorcycle. I’ve worked in the fisheries sector for the past decade, and I am so excited to now be a part of this incredible safety organization, as the fishing industry is near and dear to my heart. Not only do I bring industry experience to Fish Safe NS, but I also bring a lifetime of understanding of knowing firsthand what it’s like having family and friends working out at sea. My goal is to make an impact on safety within Nova Scotia’s fishing industry, helping to ensure current and future generations arrive home safe and sound.

Safety Coordinator
Gary Hunt

In my role as Safety Coordinator with Fish Safe NS, I bring over a decade of experience in Occupational Health & Safety, and twenty-plus years specializing in training. I am also a proud volunteer firefighter in my community. I 100% believe in life-long learning, and I truly look forward to learning new things each and every day.

I enjoy sharing my learned and acquired safety knowledge with employees and employers alike. My unique gift is to break down difficult or complicated topics into plain language, thus making understanding and learning more practical and enjoyable.

I take pride in creating a relaxed atmosphere for training participants and I encourage the exchange of knowledge, along with hands-on applications. All with the goal of providing students with current best practices, regulations, and data for positive training outcomes.

I enjoy helping people learn things they don’t know or understand. One of my favorite expressions is “we don’t know, what we don’t know”, and that’s okay. We are all in that same boat with many topics in our work life at one point or another. I am looking forward to assisting Nova Scotia’s Seafood Industry in all things safety-related

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