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Available resources for Nova Scotia
Seafood Companies

  • Laminated Safety posters

  • Hands-on Training

  • Monthly Safety Talks

  • Safety Policies

  • How to Build a Safety Program (See details below)

  • Safe Work Procedures

  • And much more!


New to Fish Safe NS - How to Build a Safety Program For Nova Scotia Seafood Companies

The How to Build a Safety Program is intended to be used as a training document that will help Nova Scotia seafood companies establish a safety manual that fits their specific needs and meets legal safety requirements. 


Our approach with this program is to work one on one with each member, working on each section at a time to ensure we can set realistic and attainable goals that will lead you to successful completion of the program. 


The program in its entirety can be quite daunting, which is why we strongly recommend the section-by-section method. 

We recommend setting up weekly check-in meetings to review progress, answer questions and develop the next steps. Our team will evaluate and provide feedback as you complete each section, ensuring it has had a 3rd party set of eyes before marking it as completed. 

At the end of completing all sections, our team will prepare and print off copies of the safety manual and supporting documents and deliver them to your workplace. We also remain available in the future to answer questions or help guide you on the implementation of the safety manual into your workplace. 

Our goal, like yours, is to ensure that we can help keep your existing and future workforce healthy and safe, reduce injuries and lower your workers’ compensation premiums. 

The guide includes the following sections:


  • Creating a Safety Policy 

  • Responsibilities 

  • What does the law require? 

  • Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) / Safety Representative 

  • Hazard Identification and Control 

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Preventative Maintenance 

  • Training, Communication and Orientation 

  • Inspections 

  • Incident/ Accident Investigations 

  • Emergency Preparedness and First Aid 

  • Lock-out / Tag-out 

  • Company Rules 

  • Return to Work (RTW)

  • Evaluation and Continual Improvement 

Call or text 902-471-3534 to receive training on the guide!

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