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Drill Sheets

Pretty much everybody in the commercial fishing industry is now aware of the requirements for documentation and practice of the vessel's emergency drills by your crews. Fish Safe NS reminds you to practice all your drills at least monthly. These drills need to become something you know inside out, upside down, and backward.

Get all of these drills into your memory banks in case the day comes when you need to perform a real-life medical call on your fellow crew member or rescue a fellow crew member who fell overboard.

We have taken our emergency drill pages from our Wheelhouse Safety Logbook and placed them here so you can download, print, practice, and document your practice sessions.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions. We are here to assist you.

English Emergency Drill Sheets

Emergency Drill Records NS Eng V1
Download PDF • 350KB

French Emergency Drill Sheets

Emergency Drills NS Fr V1
Download PDF • 359KB

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