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Time Change Coming Up - Reminder Check Your Fire Equipment

With a spring-a-head time change in a few days. It's a good time to remind all fishers and processing plants, as you do at home with every time change, it's time to check your fire gear. Give every piece of gear dedicated to firefighting a thorough check-over.

  1. Inspect all fire extinguishers - Indicators are in the green, any signs of leakage unit must be taken out of service, safety pull pin is in place, brackets solid, any signs of damage, extinguisher is easily accessible. All portable fire extinguishers must be inspected annually.

  2. Fire Hoses: Cabinets accessible, not fastened shut with tape or ties, nozzle working properly, hose is stored properly and in good condition.

  3. Check the operation of all fire alarms/smoke detectors, ensure they can be heard, and replace batteries.

  4. On your vessel where is your required fire bucket? Does it have a lanyard attached to it that allows you can reach the water from your vessel's deck?

  5. For larger vessels refer to your fire system operational manual for manufacturer instructions on what to check. Fire systems in workplaces must be inspected annually.

  6. Ensure any emergency lighting, and communications equipment operates properly, and batteries are checked and operational.

  7. Practice and document your emergency fire drill for your vessel/workplace, and ensure everyone knows and understands how to operate a fire extinguisher using the P.A.S.S system, along with knowing what the fire triangle is, and how fire works. This is very important on-board any vessel.

  8. Document your findings in your Wheelhouse Safety Logbook of your vessel or your monthly workplace inspection. Ensure any defects are serviced. There is a ship safety bulletin from Transport Canada Marine for vessel fire safety systems on this link.

Time to Check Your Fire Emergency Equipment

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