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WCB Injury Report
WCB injury report is required to be completed when a worker is injured at work.

Transitional Duties/Modified Duties
Transitional duties are any temporary changes to the workers job tasks that align with their functional abilities – what the worker is able to do. If the worker is unable to immediately return to their original job, providing transitional duties will help them recover.

Functional Assessment
An assessment tool that provides objective data regarding the guidelines and limits by which an injured worker can safely and productively complete work tasks in relation to their employability.

Job Demands Analysis/ Job site
An analysis to evaluate a job to make a definitive statement about that job, its risks, requirements and productivity. A job-site analysis uses principles of ergonomics with respect to the WCB job-site analysis are primarily used as a precursor in developing return-to-work programs.

Return to Work/Stay at Work Plan
A return-to-work / stay at work plan is a tool for managers/supervisors/WCB contact to proactively help ill or injured employees return to productive employment in a timely and safe manner.

Return to Work Program/Stay at Work Program
A Return to Work Program is a formal documented process that outlines the roles and responsibilities of both the employer and the worker following an injury at work. The program should be signed by the Owner/CEO of the company and communicated on an annual basis to the general workforce.

Return to Work Team
Health care professionals which shall include occupational therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, kinesiologists, psychologists, physicians, vocational specialists, the injured worker, employer and the WCB case Worker.

My Account
WCB NS online reporting & tracking system

Direct Access to Assessment
Direct access to early assessment of sprains and strains at work provides injured workers more timely access to the healthcare services they need. It enables workers to go directly to a WCB approved healthcare provider, such as a physiotherapist or a chiropractor, for an assessment, allowing the return -to-work process for sprain & strain injuries to begin right away

What are transitional duties?
Transitional, or modified, duties are any temporary changes to an employees job that match what they can physically do. The goal is to keep employees at work during recovery, this is important for the employees physical and mental well-being.


– From Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia

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