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Steps to take when an injury occurs:

  • Complete a WCB report form. You must report all injuries requiring medical attention or where the worker will lose time from work. The employer and employee should complete the injury report together. The WCB must receive the report within 5 business days after the injury was reported to you. Penalties can apply if reports are late.

  • Physical Abilities report – Ensure Form E (What can an injured employee do), is completed by Physio when an employee’s injury is assessed.

  • Employers are required to send written notice of certain kinds of accidents to the Director of the Occupational Health and Safety Division of the Department of Labour.

If any of the Accidents listed below occur in your workplace call Department of Labour at 1-800-952-2687


If the injury Occurred at Sea, REPORT OF A MARINE OCCURRENCE


Transportation Safety Board contact number - Phone: 819-994-3741 or
1-800-387-3557 (toll free in Canada)

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Safety committee is to be notified of any incident requiring reporting to Department of Labour.

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Can the employee return to work?*

YES, with regular duties

Supervisor follow-up and continuous monitoring.

YES, with modified duties

Determine employees' abilities with physical therapist and place them in a suitable job.

Develop a plan with modified role. Alternate modified role with the employee's regular duties.

NO, not functionally able to work

Maintain regular contact with employee.

Employee shall meet with Physical therapist/chiropractor or doctor regularly to determine employees physical abilities.

Supervisor follow-up and continuous monitoring.

*Ensure a service provider assessment has taken place to determine what the employee is capable of doing.
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