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Modified Duties

Below are suggested Modified Duties:​​

  • Provide modification to preinjury role

  • Safety Training Courses

  • Light housekeeping. Sweeping, dusting, etc.

  • Administrative work/ slight mobility working

  • Replenish first aid cabinets

  • Reviewing Safe Work practices

  • Coming up with Control Methods, after incident

  • Painting

  • Ordering supplies

  • Pick up trash in yard and lot

  • Ensure fire extinguishers & eyewashes are up to date

  • Complete Workplace Inspections

  • Sort & deliver mail

  • Help in training of new employees

  • Update Safety Data Sheet manuals

  • Mow Lawns

  • Update safety bulletin board

  • Job shadow

  • Create wellness board, which may include emergency contacts, local community events, healthy recipes, etc.

  • Clean tools

  • Salt driveways during winter months

  • Inspect building/ machinery for maintenance repair

  • Help develop emergency procedures

  • Answer phone

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