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The quickest and easiest way for employers to report an injury is online on MyAccount.

What is MyAccount?

MyAccount is Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia’s essential online business tool for employers. It gives you 24/7 access to your account and claim information, and you can send and receive messages and documents securely.

You can use MyAccount to…

  • Send and receive documents securely – less fax, regular mail, or telephone tag

  • Submit an injury report and other forms

  • Report and submit payroll

  • Check clearance status for your business and your subcontractors

  • Manage your subcontractor list

  • View rate information

  • View monthly Statements of Account and reported payroll

  • Monitor claim status and costs in real time, and manage claims more efficiently

  • View newly registered claims and specific information such as case worker and direct phone numbers

  • View and calculate the costs of injuries on your business and compare your experience to your industry

  • Identify claims with outstanding injury reports

  • Monitor appeals

  • View inspection reports, compliance orders and other Occupational Health & Safety documents

MyAccount Support

Questions about how to use MyAccount? Call 1-800-870-3331.
Below is the link to login or register for MyAccount – From Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia

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